The Benefits Of Thai Herbal Stem Massage

Thai herbal stem massage is a sort of hybrid remedy that uses Thai massage actions, Swedish relaxation rub down, Lomi Lomi, and stretching strategies. Spa products of Thailand are the main substances of Thai herbal stem massage. In this method, spa treatment is given by the usage of therapeutic oils and recovery herbs which can be wrapped up in unbleached cotton tied to a stem. Since historical times, those natural stems were utilized in Thailand as traditional massage equipment. Thai human beings had been using numerous medicinal herbal stems for treating unique varieties of ailments.

Benefits of Thai Stem Massage:

This rubdown can effortlessly be incorporated into the body wraps or facial treatment. It offers a totally different revel in to the spa users. It is natural, herbal, and consists of no chemical or preservatives. It isn’t the same as different varieties of spa massages, as it combines comforting wet warm temperature with therapeutic oils and herbal herbs bundled up in the stems. Taking this rub down therapy on a normal foundation will reveal your body to less wear and tear.

Thai natural stem rub down gives many benefits. It specially facilitates:

Reducing joint ache
Relieving muscle tension
Relieving painful infection, which includes arthritis
Releasing pollution
Increasing blood circulation
Releasing blocked strength
Nourishing and softening the skin
Enhancing power and awareness
Relaxing the nerves
Soothing underlying connective tissues
Rejuvenating body and thoughts
Re-balancing the frame
The use of conventional massage strategies in mixture with spa products of Thailand gives quite a completely unique revel in to the spa users. These stems are hand-crafted in Thailand and are vacuum-packed that guarantees their purity and freshness.

Used Ingredients:

These stems are made of specific spa merchandise of Thailand. All the herbs utilized in these products are organically grown and produced in Thailand. The mixture of herbs includes:

Tamarind leaves
Sweet Flag
Kaffir Lime Peel and leaves
Mountain Ebony leaves
Jean leaves
How It Works

The natural Thai spa merchandise used in this treatment are heated, so they release their restoration properties. They are then massaged everywhere in the frame of the purchasers. These oils and herbal ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream thru the epidermis after which reply to the chemistry of the body in a mild manner.

The stems are rolled at the pores and skin and their gentle touch does most of the therapeutic paintings. For complete impact, the massages must be executed for one and a half hour.


On the equal person, every pair of stem may be used for max four times over a 2-week length. Consumers also can take those stems at home and apply on them. For extra effectiveness and extended use, used stems may be saved in refrigerator. After taking this therapy, customers must drink masses of fluids like fresh juices or plain consuming water.

This massage therapy is the correct adjunct to different special body treatments. It on my own can also act as a captivating remedy for both the patron and the therapist.

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